Ekaterina Nikidis Fine Artist Classic Painting
My little red planet. Pure vanity
Contemporary big acrylic painting by Ekaterina Nikidis





Acrylic on Lanificio Prato linen canvas.
The borders are gilded with pure 23-carat gold leaf (Noris Blattgold).


70х60 cm. Mounted on the 3.5 cm stretcher frame


£1800 / $2350 / €2000 /​ 180 000 ₽ + сustoms duty. Worldwide delivery.

Ekaterina Nikidis artist with the painting
Alive. Pull through no matter what. Through the thickness of various obstacles, problems, reflections of the inner demons. Breaking through and being covered by that mass again. But still, one can see the brightness of life's colors, feel its endless celebration even being in tears and alone.​

This painting was created in an extraordinary period, after more than six months of self-isolation and quarantine. Without any hope for future changes for the better. All that we had to go through is presented here in the form of colourful spheres. They are all made of various materials, and it is not clear what are these substances exactly. Though what can be a ball of fear or financial difficulties or loneliness made of? Most likely everyone will form their own association. The viewer can choose any material.​

So, each of these spheres represents something. But why are they so cheerful? This is an offer to consider each of the problems a challenge. To see the light where it seemed to be gone.​

This is an image of the triumph of life, hope, and change. A picture of the artist's own experience in transforming the negative and imagining something dark and fearsome as bright and festive.

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