The Treasure
Contemporary big acrylic painting by Ekaterina Nikidis

My little red planet. Pure vanity​




Acrylic on the​ glue gesso primed​ wooden​ panel.​
The borders are gilded with pure 23-carat gold leaf (Noris Blattgold).


21x28x2.5​ cm


£950​ /​ $1300 / €1060​ / 95​ 000​ ₽ + сustoms duty. Worldwide delivery.
Temporarily reserved for the exhibition

Locked together with the things and memories we've collected. There are no more spectators around. And​ do we need this stuff now, being​ alone with it? Or was it just a cover​ to​ the public? No, this​ is not a censure —​ just a suggestion to think about.

I'm happy to say, I like​ this shine of gems and gold​ even if I'm the only one who sees it. So I prefer​ to hold jewels​ in my hands and look at them, rather than put them on.

Perhaps this is the only action that makes sense now. Endless contemplation of a world shrunk to the size of a single room. Vanity due to​ the sole possession of beauty, which doesn't​ need to be protected from anyone...​ However, you can't show it to anyone either.

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