“Unseen” — the series of watercolours — were conceived after a study of illuminated manuscripts of the 17th century. They do not copy historical patterns, but they are obviously their heirs.

The picture is connected with the modern botanical painting: a white surrounding space, the floral object stands out vividly, there are no shadows and a single light source.
Why “unseen”? The answer is quite simple. None of these plants have ever existed. Many of the flowers have no natural analogues, and the shape of the leaves is completely impossible. At the same time, many of them do have a fairly bright illusion of volume and realism. Only in the painting, at the whim of the artist, this previously unseen plant suddenly becomes real.

No. 1-8 - Canson Moulin du Roy paper 300 gr/m². 30,5х45,5 cm.
No. 9-11 - Canson Moulin du Roy paper 300 gr/m². 23x30.5 cm.

Portraits. Timeless beauty

I've always loved looking at the jewellery in portraits...

This series is called 'Portraits. Timeless beauty'. It's dedicated to gems and jewellery. Generally, in painting and drawing, we strive to capture the elusive moment, but these paintings tell about the eternal.
Every painting depicts a detail of human existence without a human being. And this detail is much more enduring than we are. Gems are the usual addition to the portrait, but they become the main character here. So there will be no people in these miniature portraits. Only the timeless beauty and shine of precious stones. And unlike people, these characters are even more durable than the picture that depicts them.

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